Uzbek Commodity Exchange

Republic of Uzbekistan
Tashkent, st. Babur, 77

Phone / Fax: (+998 71) 213 3300
Call Center Telephone: (+998 71) 213 3330

Exchange operations: 1994


The following is selected information about the profile of JSC “UZEX”, senior management and other aspects of the activity:

Exchange operations



IAE (International Association of Exchanges)

Time Zone

GMT +5


Uzbek Commodity Exchange
Address: 100090, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, st. Babur, 77
Phone / Fax: (+998 71) 213 3300
Call Center Telephone: (+998 71) 213 3330


Trading Days

Two trading sessions are held every day.
1. from 10:00 to 11:50
2. from 15:00 to 16:50 Trading takes place in accordance with the rules specified in the Exchange Rules.

Trading Access

Trading platforms of JSC "UZEX"
List of members of UZEX JSC

Access Rights

Members of JSC "UZEX"

Trading Hours

Every Day 7:15 – 14:30

Trading Currency

Sum(UZS), Dollar (USD)

Key Regulations

• Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On stock exchanges and exchange activities" dated September 12, 2014
• Rules of Trade of JSC "UZEX" from 09/21/2018
• Charter of JSC "UZEX"

Reports & Bulletins

monthly reports, monthly press releases, public reports

Data Vending


Settlement Procedure



EXW (shipment at own expense of goods)


Settlement Clearing Chamber (SCC), structural subdivision of JSC "UZEX",

Risk Mitigation

• Guaranteed execution of transactions by freezing money from both the buyer and the seller,
• Transparency of transactions through accounting and online control through a personal account


(Futures and Options Profile) Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery for electricity and natural gas.


No of Instruments

• 4 - trading platforms
• 29 - the main groups of highly liquid goods
• 13765 - standard contracts

Instrument Types

• Exchange trade
• E – commerce
• Government and corporate procurement
• Special state auction

Broker Members

• 13 - regional branches
• 324 - Trading platforms
• 1194 - Brokerage firms
• 3726 - Traders

Trading Time

Trading sessions at Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery (CFIM) take place on business days from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00.

Delivery, Settlement, Registration


Settlement Type

• Financial settlement
• Physical Delivery


Settlement through settlement Bank PSB "TRASTBANK"

Settlement Cycle

Daily (business days)

Delivery Rules

Initial and variation margin are calculated for delivery buckets

Limits and positions of customer


Market-wide Position Limits




Ibragimov Farohidin Farhotovich Chairman of JSC “UZEX”

Carries out general management of JSC UZEX, ensures the implementation of laws, presidential decrees, resolutions of the Government, resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders, the Supervisory Board of Directors and the Management;
In its activities, it is guided by the Law “On Exchange and Exchange activities”, “On Joint-Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholder Rights” by the Charter of JSC UZEX, regulations, directives and regulatory documents relating to the activities of the exchange;
Develops and approves the work plan of UZEX;
Approves the staffing table, concludes and terminates employment contracts with employees of JSC UZEX, provides social working conditions and timely payment of wages to employees;
Takes measures to provide JSC UZEX with qualified personnel, to make the best use of knowledge, qualifications, experience and abilities of employees of the exchange;
Submits to the general meeting of shareholders and the Supervisory Board in due time reports on the state of affairs within its competence;
Ensures the completeness and timeliness of the state statistical reporting to the relevant authorities;
Approves the local acts valid on the stock exchange stipulated by the current labor legislation;
Concludes business contracts and agreements;
Disposes of property within the limits of existing competence;
Has the right to first sign on all financial and credit documents;
Signs the necessary accounting, financial acts and other necessary documents developed at the stock exchange;
Issues orders and directives that are binding on all employees of JSC UZEX and its divisions;
Resolves all issues within the limits of the rights granted to him and entrusts the performance of certain functions to other officials - the deputy chairman, heads of departments, as well as directors of territorial and specialized divisions of the exchange.


Samatov Nabikhon Subihonovich Deputy Chairman of JSC “UZEX”

Executes as Chairman of the Board, during his absence.
Engaged in the organization of work on the development of existing electronic trading platforms, defines the overall concept and goals of the organization;
coordinates the development of business plans and development strategies;
identifies new activities of the organization in the field of e-commerce;


Mutalibov Jakhongir Abdulfatokhovich Director of the organization of bidding

Engaged in the organization of trading in strict accordance with the law; Coordinates the work of regional branches; Defines a unified approach to the organization, conduct and processing of the results of the auction;


Prokudina Christina Alexandrovna Director of Finance and Corporate Governance

Responsible for the implementation of the financial activities of the enterprise in a broad sense and control of cash flow on all current accounts;


Zunnunov Bunyod Bahromovich Director of Procurement and Business Management

Responsible for the organization to ensure the viability of the enterprise, in terms of providing material and technical base, the proper functioning of the property and inventory.