Matba Rofex


Paraguay 777, Floor 15
(2000) Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 54 (341) 530-2900

Matba Rofex, Argentina´s Futures and Options Exchange, started operations on August 1st , 2019 as a result of the merger of two centenary exchanges: MATba and ROFEX. The group is formed by the Exchange, Argentina Clearing, Matba Alyc, Ufex (an Exchange in Uruguay), MATba Foundation and two IT companies: Primary and Esco. Matba Rofex has a strong technological imprint, with proprietary trading, backoffice and risk management platforms that are and fully open to enable the connection with the fintech ecosystem.


Products listed

Matba Rofex lists futures and options on:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities: Agricultural, gold and WTI
  • Stock index and SSF
  • Bonds and interest rates