Connarama Systems

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200 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1340
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: +1 312 360 1898

Company Description

Connamara provides software engineering services and solutions for capital markets. For over 21 years, the firm has been fulfilling the business needs of capital markets clients by combining certainty of delivery with the highest possible quality. With unparalleled responsiveness to client needs, Connamara has engineered matching engines, trading platforms, risk systems, execution and order management systems, trading user interfaces, and dashboards for exchanges, brokerages, fund managers, market makers, and proprietary traders. Its clients include innovative new marketplaces as well as leading global exchanges who rely on Connamara for its engineering and domain expertise in market structure, trading, and system design.


EP3 Description

Deployable in a private, public, or hybrid-cloud approach, EP3 enhances performance for small-to-midsize exchanges across a wide range of asset classes, both regulated and non-regulated, providing price transparency and improved liquidity. EP3 was intentionally designed from the ground up to meet customer demands for a platform that can meet regulatory standards of data integrity and durability while supporting high levels of messages. The platform is set apart by its microservices architecture and scalability, reliability, failover, and self-healing built into its design.