HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange.

Contact details

Dévai utca 26-28.
Budapest, 1134

Tel: +36 1 304 1090
E-mail: [email protected]
AFM contact person: Dijana Martincic – Head of Sales ([email protected])

Company Type: Derivative Exchange


With the entry into force of MiFID II. regulation, the first Hungarian financial energy exchange, HUDEX was also launched on January 3, 2018.

As a new member of HUPX Group, HUDEX will support the group’s primary objective to provide reference price and to maintain its leading position in the Balkan region.

Operation of the new market started seamlessly with 24 members and altogether 36 members are trading now on HUDEX’s power and gas segments. HUPX Group makes every effort to ensure constant developments for its liquidity, therefore HUDEX is constantly working on developing new energy products for the Balkan and the Hungarian markets and looking to further develop its clearing registration services for OTC trades.

Bids can be placed on the platform of Trayport GlobalVision, while the European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC) fulfils the role of Clearing House for electricity traded products, and KELER CCP Ltd. provides the clearing services for natural gas trading.


What do we offer?

  • Both Hungarian Power and Gas contracts available with one HUDEX membership
  • Membership available for non-EU companies as well
  • Financial trading with optional physical delivery for Power Products, physical delivery for Gas Products
  • 36 trading participants (power + gas) – including local and regional trading companies
  • No transaction fee as an initiator
  • Growing liquidity and market makers
  • Clearing by ECC and KELER
  • Elimination of Counterparty Risk
  • Anonym Market
  • STP (Straight Through Processing) for the clearing registration of OTC trades on Power Segment
  • Info user and data vendor contracts available for HUDEX data packages
  • Monthly and quarterly products for Hungarian gas, and daily, weekly, week-end, monthly, quarterly, and yearly products for Hungarian power

For detailed information on our products and most recent numbers visit:


How to become a member?

Preconditions of the membership:

  • HUDEX Trader exam (or HUPX PhF Trader Exam and CEEGEX Spot and PhF Trader Exam )
  • ECC and KELER membership
  • Trading system test (must be performed during the admission process by the trader)

Further preconditions for those who are not members either at HUPX or at CEEGEX:

  • Network Usage Agreement with FGSZ Ltd. (natural gas segment)
  • trading license for natural gas (natural gas segment)
  • trading license for electricity or investment firm license or pass the extended "Know Your Customer" questionnaire (power segment)

Further preconditions for those who are not members at HUPX and request physical delivery of power:

  • HUPX DAM membership


For further info on the membership application process visit: or contact us at: [email protected]